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The flux-project is an artistic collaboration by Nathalia Favaro and Miki Yui.
We organise an event combining the screening of the film FLUX with lecture, talk or workshop by local experts on issues related to ecology and sustainability. The event aims to offer inspiration and practical knowledge as well as examples of different approaches towards climate change.
Regarding climate change, deforestation, local communities, Amazon Rainforest, food production and consumption, the film is an open proposal to audience, inviting for further discussion. The sensitive and creative approach towards these issues makes the climate change tangible. It supports audience to feel, think and take action in their own way.
The goal is to raise awareness and bring people together to learn how to deal with our life on earth, to share ideas and encourage individuals to find their way to create a more sustainable society. The action of individuals lead in the sum to a greater result towards transformation of the global society. Such approach makes difference in the longer term, achieving long lasting commitment which is essential for the ecological issue.
This website is an ongoing archive of the events and collaborators, it serves as a sharing platform of useful knowledge and inspiration.
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