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Brazil/Germany, 2019, 
25 min

The short film (25min) is a poetic essay, tracing the journey of Nathalia through the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest and her meetings with protagonists from the forest and the river. The protagonists tell their unique stories of their lives while working strongly connected to nature. The poet on the boat explains our life emerging from the water, the meteorologist (INPA / Max Planck Institute) who researches at ATTO (Amazon Tall Tower Observatory) explains the cycle of water and the relation between our life and climate change from a scientific point of view. A student of UFP – Unconventional Food Plants (PANCS in Portuguese) talks about the impact of the food production and consumption in our daily life, that are inseparable from the environment. All the stories circulate around the flow of energy: the cycle of carbon and water. These elements are not only the primary source of life but also regulate the condition of the planet. The environment is a synthesis of all factors including ourselves. The film questions our view of life on this planet in its entity and invites the audience to learn about life in its true form: in flux.
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