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Brazilian artist and architect currently based in Berlin, Germany.

My research investigates the drawings of landscapes and territories remodeled by human intervention and an extractivist relationship to the soil. I see these drawings as a physical record of our existence on Earth and our contradictory needs, desires, and cultures. 


artist in residency

  • B.L.O. Ateliers, Berlin, Germany link

group exhibition

  • Zonas de Sombra - São Paulo (SP), Brazil link



group exhibition

  • Horizonte de eventos - Largo das Artes, Rio de Janeiro

  • Cinzas da Floresta - Galpão Pimpy my carroça / Passagem da Consolação, São Paulo     

  • Amanhã vai ser outro dia - Espaço 08 Cultural, São Paulo

  • Verbo 2022 - 16ª Performance Art Festival - Galeria Vermelho, SP, Brazil link

  • 19ª MARP Exhibition Projects (Ribeirão Preto Art Museum), Brazil

  • 14ª Bunkyo Ceramic Exhibition - Bunkyo, SP, Brazil

artist in residency

  • Emptyroom - Maputo, Moçambique link

  • Kaaysá – Boiçucanga, Brazil link


screening of Flux film

  • Fruhligserwachen, Munich, Germany

group exhibition

  • Amada Verde - HAL (Haus am Lützowplatz), Berlin, Germany link

  • AR, Oswald de Andrade Cultural Center, SP, Brazil

  • Ser Paisagem, Massapê, SP, Brazil


  • AR - catalogue link

online presentation

  • TREE TALK: Artists Speak for Trees, Ecoartspace link

  • Eternal Forest Conversation with Flux link

  • The river is my street, Theather der Welt, Dusseldorf, Germany link


group exhibition

  • Abre Alas #16, A Gentil Carioca Art Galery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil link


  • Abre Alas, , A Gentil Carioca Art Galery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil link

  • Embodied Forest book link

screening of Flux film

  • Music and Film for the Brazilian Amazon, Portland, USA link


solo exhibition

  • O Gesto e o Vazio, Mokiti Okada Foundation, SP, Brazil

group exhibition

  • Abraço Coletivo, Ateliê 397, São Paulo, Brazil link

  • Como Falar Com As Árvores (How to talk to the trees), Z42 Galery, RJ, Brazil link

  • La Naturaleza De Las Cosas - Humboldt Idas Y Venidas - Art Museum of the Nacional University of Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia link

screening of Flux film

  • Virada Sustentável, Parque estadual do Cocó, Fortaleza, Brazil

  • Virada Sustentável, Museu do Amanhã, RJ, Brazil link

  • Food Art Film Festival, Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht, The Netherlands link

  • Z42 Galery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil link

  • Vão - Independent Art Space, SP, Brazil link

  • Goethe Institut, SP, Brazil

  • Goethe x Change, Goethe Institut, Helsink, Finland link

  • University of Arts, London, UK

artist in residency

  • Silence and Awareness Residency, Arteles Creative Center, Tampere, Finland link


  • Arteles Creative Center Catalogue link


artist in residency

  • Labverde - Art Immersion Program In The Amazon, Manaus, Brazil link

  • Ceramics Residency, Gaya Ceramics Arts Center, Bali, Indonesia link


  • LabVerde #5 Catalogue, Manaus, Brazil link

  • Monthly Ceramic Art, South Korea - Jul 2018, Vol. 268, p 78-81 Contemporary Clay Shapers 2: Thinking Through Material link


artist in residency

  • EKWC - European Ceramic Workcentre Oisterwijk, The Netherlands link


  • 2023    Selected Artist at B.L.O. Ateliers, Berlin, Germany

  • 2018    Invited Artist at Gaya Ceramics Arts Center in Bali, Indonesia

                   Grant Award for the production of the film FLUX from Goethe Institut, SP, Brazil

  • 2017    Grant Award from EKWC - European Ceramic Workcentre, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands

  • 2008    1st Prize at The Design Institution for the Designer’s Workstation Architectural



  • 2006    BA Architecture and Urbanism, Mackenzie University, SP, Brazil

  • 2004    BA Architecture and Urbanism, UBA - Buenos Aires University, Argentina

  • 2005    Researcher Fellowship CNPq (Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) link


  • 2012 - ongoing - Parter at Architectural Studio, SP, Brazil link

  • 2018 - ongoing - Ceramicist, SP, Brazil link

  • 2021 - Ceramic teacher at EBAC (British School of Creative Arts), SP, Brazil

  • 2016 - Architect teacher at Unip (Paulista University), SP, Brazil

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